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Alumni Sponsor 120 Stethoscopes

1st-year students receive symbol of profession 


Thanks to the generosity of 94 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine alumni, the entire Class of 2021 received the ultimate symbol of their profession: the stethoscope. 

Each sponsored stethoscope included an enclosed card with the name of the alumni donor and a special note. 

“The stethoscope is important tool and symbol for the clinician, but it’s what is between your ears that is the most important tool: your knowledge, judgment, passion and empathy," one alumni sponsor wrote. "Do not ever forget, at the end of the day, you must advocate for your patient over everything else.  It’s a concept that seems to not be as high a priority now as it once was.  It’s your job to make it the #1 priority.” 

The Oct. 4 ceremony and dinner hosted by the Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association (JHMSA) sets the tone for the rest of their experience at Johns Hopkins. Dean & CEO Paul Rothman, Vice Dean of Education Roy Ziegelstein (Res’89/Fel’93), JHMSA President John Thompson (Med’80) and recent graduate Zachary O. Enumah (Med’017) were among the alumni and faculty who joined the celebration to share stories of their medical school experiences.

Continuing the tradition, the Class of 2021 includes four legacy families – Johns Hopkins Medicine alumni and faculty whose relatives are now first-year school of medicine students: Mary-Claire Roghmann (Med’90) and daughter Emily DeBoy, Jun O. Liu (Faculty) and son Albert Liu, Kimiyoshi Kobayashi (Med’000) and wife Audrey Nebergall, Kee D. Kim (Med’92) and son Timonthy Kim, Dean Rothman and daughter Alissa Rothman, and Sanford Gips (Med’89) and daughter Julia Gips.

In total, alumni contributed to more than $20,000 in stethoscope sponsorship donations. The surplus will be used towards stethoscopes for next year’s Class of 2022. 

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