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Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association Programs

​Medical Student Support

Today, the average medical student is saddled with $100,000 in debt, so financial support is crucial. Annual dues payments help make it possible for the JHM&SA to fund a number of medical student scholarships each year.

Your dues also enrich the lives of medical students during their time in East Baltimore by funding a variety of programs and activities.

From our first week, when we arrived as fresh medical students and bashfully met our distinguished alumni; to our days before walking onto the wards, as we collected our pagers with a nervous excitement; to our celebrations at Match Day and Graduation, the JHM&SA has always been there for the medical students of Johns Hopkins, sharing and supporting us during our most precious times. We know that we can always count on the JHM&SA to guide us and look out for our best interests. Thank you JHM&SA!

-Herman Bagga, Former Medical Student Senate President, Class of 2008

Graduate Student Support

Unlike medical students, who together follow one curriculum to earn an M.D., graduate students at the School of Medicine pursue different paths to a range of advanced degrees, from anatomy to biomedical engineering to the M.A. in art as applied to medicine.

The Johns Hopkins Graduate Student Association unites these diverse students and represents their opinions and ideals to the faculty and administration. It also manages the issues that affect graduate students’ daily lives, such as parking and health insurance, and organizes social, educational and career-oriented activities.

JHM&SA helps to support the GSA, co-sponsors social activities during Graduate Student Appreciation Week, and assists in scheduling Hopkins alumni to lecture at the GSA’s seminar series. “Having contact with alumni is very useful for graduate students,” says GSA former president Krishna Juluri, “because we can learn from their careers and experiences and benefit from networking with them.

It is telling that the Medical and Surgical Association is one of the first faces Graduate Students see at New Student Orientation. This exposure so early on in a student's career exemplifies the Association's commitment to enriching the lives of graduate students long before graduation day.

-Kathleen C. Kent, Former President, Graduate Student Association

House Staff Support

The Johns Hopkins House Staff Council gives house staff a voice in forging hospital policies that affect patient care, the community and the house staff itself, such as the efficient use of their time and salary and benefit planning.

“JHM&SA is a needed source of support for projects that are vital to the functioning and well-being of residents, both within and outside the hospital,” says Michael Awad, M.D., Ph.D.,  and former President of the House Staff Council.

JHM&SA funds have helped offset the costs of Council public service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, support for spouses of house staff through the Medical Auxiliary, scholarship money for child care and funding for the house staff lounge and social events.

Most recently, JHM&SA contributions have led to creation of an emergency fund for residents who are in times of personal crisis.

Hopkins Medical Magazine

Published three times a year, Hopkins Medicine— the award-winning magazine for all members of the School of Medicine family—is read by 35,000 people throughout the world. The magazine brings readers face to face with the people, issues and events that shape one of the world’s leading health care institutions. Included are robust articles about treatment advances and medical research, as well as campus issues and highlights from Hopkins Medicine’s rich history.

The JHM&SA has funded Hopkins Medicine (formerly Hopkins Medical News), providing as much as one-third of its productions costs, since 1976, when then-dean Richard Ross took the lead in establishing a separate alumni magazine for Hopkins Medicine. Today, every member of the JHM&SA receives the magazine free of charge.

Additional Programs

Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association Grant Program

The Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association (JHM&SA) represents The School of Medicine alumni community and seeks to fulfill its mission of supporting and enhancing student and trainee experience through grants to support programs or initiative. Current students, trainees, house staff, and fellows are eligible for grants.

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Young Investigators' Day

Every spring, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine holds its Young Investigators’ Day, an awards ceremony honoring the scientific accomplishments of a class of junior researchers.

Reunion and Alumni Weekend

Each year the Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association co-hosts the Reunion and Alumni Weekend with the School of Medicine. This year, due COVID-19 precautions, the event will be held virtually June 2-5, 2022. 

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