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Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association

The Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association (JHM&SA) is an organization of the alumni of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. These former students, current and former members of house staff, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members are deeply committed to maintaining their relationships with our institutions.

The mission of the JHM&SA is threefold:

  • To organize and conduct an annual meeting for the alumni of the medical institutions.
  • To improve the quality of life and provide educational opportunities for students, fellows and house staff.
  • To disseminate information about the Johns Hopkins community to its members and interested parties.

How does the JHM&SA meet these goals?

  • The JHM&SA organizes the annual meeting on the East Baltimore Campus. During the meeting, the council reports to the membership updates on various initiatives and programs and conducts an election.
  • The Association provides: stethoscopes to first-year medical students, white coats to first-year medical students and graduate students entering their dissertation phase; scholarship funding to the School of Medicine; financial assistance to the Johns Hopkins Day Care Center to support tuition scholarships; and financial support to the House Staff Council, Graduate Student Association, the Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Association, the Medical Student Society and the Office of Cultural Affairs.
  • The JHM&SA provides financial support and contributes articles, obituaries and class notes to Hopkins Medicine Magazine
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