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Connect the Docs: Dinner with 12

Dinner with 12

The Connect the Docs: Dinner with 12 program brings together alumni and current medical students to foster networking, mentoring and relationship building in a relaxing atmosphere.

As part of the program, local alumni volunteer to open their homes to students for small dinner parties or host students at local restaurants for good food, conversation and camaraderie. Dinner with 12 provides students the opportunity to network with Hopkins alumni and learn about life during residency and at other stages of their professional career and provides alumni the chance to have a direct impact on the lives of students and to become engaged with the School of Medicine. It’s much more than just a meal.

As a student, Connect the Docs: Dinner with 12 offers an excellent opportunity to:

  • Meet alumni and faculty in a relaxed, informal setting
  • Establish connections beyond immediate peer or academic groups
  • Develop a higher comfort level with faculty and alumni
  • Experience the broader Johns Hopkins Medicine community

Information for Fall 2012 Dinners will be available soon! Please stay tuned for more information.