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Stethoscope Ceremony September 24, 2013

On September 24, the Class of 2017 gathered to receive a welcoming gift - an engraved stethoscope. The ceremony, co-hosted by the Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association, sets the tone for the rest of their experience at Johns Hopkins. Alumni and faculty joined the celebration to share stories of their medical school experiences. One hundred nineteen students attended this event where they also had the chance to meet Paul Rothman, M.D., Dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Dean Rothman congratulated each student after receiving their stethoscope and they took that opportunity to share a few words and chat with him as well.  

In addition to Dean Rothman, the other speakers for the event were Roy Ziegelstein, M.D., Vice Dean for Education; Ralph Hruban, Med '85, President of the JHM&SA; Eileen (Patti) Vining, Med '72; and Iredell Iglehart III, Med '83.  Also in attendance were Matthew Gornet, Med '87, and Valerie Ratts, Med '87, who were able to present their daughter with her stethoscope.

View additional event photos online.  Photos may also be purchased through Eric Stocklin Photography.

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  Valerie Ratts and Matthew Gornet

students 1  Roy Ziegelstein

student 2  student 3

Rothman congratulating student  Rothman congratulating student 2

Ratts and Gornet presenting their daughter with stethoscope  students with stethoscope

student group pic 1  student group pic 2

Ziegelstein and student  student group photo 3

student group photo 4  student group photo 5

student group photo 6  student group photo 7