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Making a Positive Impact
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine educates future leaders in medicine and science.

Scholarships offer crucial access for those who show the drive and commitment to become exceptional clinicians, innovative scientists and leaders in medicine. Our program of current use and endowed scholarships allows students to focus on learning, clinical training and scientific exploration without the looming burden of an unmanageable debt load.

Learn more about supporting our students on our website. Thank you for your support!

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Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association (JHM&SA)

Making a Difference on the East Baltimore Campus
The Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association counts on your support to fund and enhance its annual programs and initiatives. Your contributions will positively impact our medical students, graduate researchers, fellows and residents.

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JHU Alumni Association

Good Reads
Earlier this year, the JHU Alumni Association launched the Alumni Authors Bookshelf to showcase published works by alumni, everything from healing to poetry and from business to sports nutrition. Among the School of Medicine alumni authors already included are: Nancy Carteron, Med ’82, Denton Cooley, Med ’44, Herbert Fred, Med ’54, Howard Friedman, Med '99, Ronald Glasser, Med '65, Michelle Gourdine, Med ’88, James Hansen, Med '49, Tom Harbin, Med ’74, and David Paton, Med ‘65.

To have your book listed, submit a request via the online submission form.

School of Medicine

The Impact of Scholarship

“Without the generous donations of you and others like you, I would not be able to take advantage of the superior education that Hopkins has to offer. Thank you so very much for helping give me the opportunity to be the best physician that I can possibly be.”

The historic mission of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is to educate students with the highest professional standard. The goal is to prepare clinicians to practice patient-centered medicine, and help them identify and answer fundamental questions in the mechanisms, prevention, and treatment of disease, in health care delivery and in the basic sciences. The School’s mission has expanded to include a high level of collaboration among clinical, educational, and research areas.

Johns Hopkins attracts exceptional talent but often loses those who are superbly qualified to other top-tier schools that offer better financial aid packages. Many worry that because of the exorbitant costs of education, talented students may choose another discipline entirely. Income from endowments and gifts from individuals are the two most important sources of student financial aid. Compared to peer institutions, Johns Hopkins’ endowment is relatively small; however, the School of Medicine designates a larger percentage of the income to provide financial aid to students. Building the endowment would offer financial aid opportunities to many more students, helping to launch their careers so they can serve as the next generation of medical professionals.

Funding designated for financial assistance reduces student indebtedness and also helps Hopkins attract and retain the best students. Diversity of the student body increases and students around the globe are able to benefit from a Hopkins medical education.

Students are deeply appreciative of the generosity of individuals who support their education through scholarship and know that one day, they too will be in a position to give back, thus making someone else’s dream a reality.

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Alumni Update

Where a Gift Took Flight

The Wetherills
Stephen, Kreiger '68, Med '71, and Paula Wetherill

In 2008, Stephen Wetherill, Krieger ’68, Med ’71, and his wife Paula, visited the Johns Hopkins medical campus to tour the then-under construction Armstrong Medical Education Building. While on the tour, they gazed up at the building’s soaring atrium. “The open feeling of taking flight there was a perfect match with the spirit of Paula’s aunt. We knew we had the answer for what we wanted to do,” recalled Stephen.

To learn more about the ways you can make a named gift to The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, please contact the School of Medicine Development and Alumni Relations Office at 410-516-0776 or

Student News

Thank You

As you read in the School of Medicine article, students are extremely appreciative of the generosity of individuals who support their education through scholarship.

“Generosity like yours truly helps keep attending an elite institution like Johns Hopkins a possibility in the face of rising medical school tuition and living expensive. So please accept my sincerest thanks for helping make this opportunity possible for me.”

David Gatz is a second-year medical student and co-founder of The Patient Promise. Learn more about David and his first year at Johns Hopkins by reading his thank-you letter online.

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