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Faculty Policies, Appointment Information and Forms

Important Dates

2019-2020 Meeting Dates and Paperwork Deadlines

Credentialing Overview (presented 5/2019; with Q/A)

Faculty Policies

Gold Book - Policies and Guidelines Governing Appointments, Promotions, and Professional Activities of the Full Time Faculty

Silver Book - Professional Development Guide for the Faculty of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Blue Book - Policies and Guidelines Governing Appointments, Promotions, and Professional Activities of the Part Time Faculty

Guidance for Addressing Problematic Conduct

Guidance for Addressing Suspected Violations of JHM Policies Related to Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Guidance and Approval Process for Faculty Members who are Offered Appointments at Foreign and Domestic Institutions


Faculty Offer Letter Templates

  • How do we provide the non-renewal notice for faculty hired for 1 year?

    For cases where you are hiring a faculty member in the specialty faculty ranks, and do not intend an appointment beyond one year, the below language allows you to provide notice of nonrenewal as part of the appointment letter:

    I am delighted to offer you a full-time position as [X] in the Department of [X] at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, effective [X] through [X]. This will be a one year position, so this letter also serves to notify you of the nonrenewal of this contract, effective at the end of the term.

  • Hiring a category of faculty that is not listed in the templates.
    Yes, you can modify the term and the type of appointment to match the faculty category you are hiring. For Research Associates, you should use the Basic Science faculty template. For any category of faculty that will have clinical duties, you should use the Clinical Faculty template.
  • When parts of the offer letter that don’t apply to a specific recruit.
    The offer letter template is intended to cover all possible faculty recruitment scenarios. Sections that offer recruitment terms that are not applicable to a specific individual (like moving expenses or start up packages for research) may be deleted.
  • Can I use this template as an offer letter for clinical associates?
    No, the clinical associates are senior staff, not faculty and receive a different cover letter along with their employment agreement. This letter template and contract template is owned and maintained by the Clinical Practice Association.
  • Is a Not to Compete required for all clinical faculty recruits?
    No, non-AST faculty below the rank of Assistant Professor are not governed by the Terms of the JHM Non-Compete for Physicians.
    The JHM Policy on the Covenant Not to Compete (JHM Policy No. GEN002) provides more detail on the non-compete clause. You should contact the COO for OJHP and the Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs for any requests for exceptions that might be permitted under the policy.
  • Changing full-time faculty status to Part-Time (below 75% FTE).
    Yes, while faulty at 75% FTE may be considered “limited full time” under the Gold Book, part-time faculty appointments are governed by the Blue Book, and you should provide a signed appointment letter documenting the change in position. There is a form provided for your use.
  • A faculty member wishes to take a personal leave of absence.
    Medical, family, or other FMLA leaves are governed by University policies. You should follow the instructions at the JHU Benefits site for Family and Medical Leaves. Other kinds of faculty personal leaves are granted at the discretion of the Department Director and after approval by the Dean under Section IX.B.3 of the Gold Book. Personal leaves are granted without guarantee that the Full-time faculty position will be available at the expiration. Clinical faculty need to notify the Medical Staff office of their leave, and for faculty with grants, the funding agency must be notified. There is a form provided for your use.
  • What is the offer letter used for part time compensated faculty?
    Part time faculty who are less than 75% employed are subject to the provisions of the Blue Book, not the Gold Book. Their benefits may also be different. There is a form provided for your use in recruiting part time compensated faculty.

The offer letter templates must be used in conjunction with your approved departmental compensation plan.  Select the correct template for clinical or basic science faculty, and adjust the various clauses to match your department’s plan.  Note that, while three different methods of calculating bonuses are provided, each department should have one consistent method that they use for all faculty.  Refer to the Compensation Definitions and the resources of the Clinical Practice Association for more information.  Faculty recruitment may require finance office review, and for clinical faculty may require review for fair market value review.

Be sure to attach the correct exhibits:

  • The current HIPAA Certificate can be found here
  • The current Noncompete can be found here

Recruiting SOM Faculty with Interfolio

If there are unique circumstances for your recruitment, contact Faculty Affairs for further guidance on changes to the offer template.

Basic Science Faculty Offer Letter

Clinical Faculty Offer Letter

ASTP Faculty Offer Letter

Rehiring a Retiree Offer Letter

Faculty Appointment Paperwork

Transmittal A

  • Use for all non-ASTP primary appointments at Instructor, Research Associate, Assistant, Lecturer and Visiting Scientist ranks 
  • Also to be used for all secondary/joint appointments

Transmittal B

  • Use for primary Assistant Professor, Visiting Assistant Professor, and Adjunct Assistant Professor

Transmittal C

  • Use for Advanced Specialty Training Program (ASTP) Trainees

Transmittal D

  • Use for all primary appointments for Professor ranks and Associate Professor ranks

    Required Documents for Clinical Excellence Track:


Request for Change in SOM Faculty Appointment

Transmittal Addendum - Foreign Funding


Templates for Notice of Non-Renewal and Salary Reduction

These templates are provided to assist department directors and administrators in providing appropriate notice to faculty members of the nonrenewal of their faculty appointments, and/or of any proposed reduction in the portion of their salary that is subject to the Gold Book guarantee.  These forms should not be used for making changes to other elements of faculty compensation, such as additional or bonus compensation.

Prior to issuing a salary reduction or non-renewal letter, the department should contact the Office of Faculty to permit review of any issues of potential concern.

Select the correct form for the faculty rank, and pull the current faculty appointment letter to ascertain the correct dates to insert.  Consult section V.B of the Gold Book for guidance.  Remove all document headers and highlighted or bracketed instructions and placeholders from the final letter.  Consult the Office of General Counsel before making any changes to a template.

Contact the Office of Faculty before sending a faculty member a letter proposing a salary reduction.  Consult with the Office of Faculty on any performance related issues before sending a nonrenewal letter.

Nonrenewal Template - Associate Professor

Nonrenewal Template - Assistant Professor

Nonrenewal Template - Instructor

Nonrenewal Template - Special Faculty Ranks

Nonrenewal Template - Part-Time Faculty

Salary Reduction Template - Professor

Salary Reduction Template - Associate Professor

Salary Reduction Template - Assistant Professor

Salary Reduction Template - Instructor

Salary Reduction Template - Special Faculty Ranks

(all salary reductions must be approved by Janice Clements, Vice Dean for Faculty, before distribution to faculty member; templates are not to be used for faculty participating in the Senior Faculty Transition Program)

Salary Reduction and Notice of Nonrenewal - Associate Professor

Salary Reduction and Notice of Nonrenewal - Assistant Professor

Salary Reduction and Notice of Nonrenewal - Instructor

Salary Reduction and Notice of Nonrenewal - Special Faculty Ranks

(all salary reductions must be approved by Janice Clements, Vice Dean for Faculty, before distribution to faculty member; templates are not to be used for faculty participating in the Senior Faculty Transition Program)

Full Time to Part Time

Personal LOA

Paid Part Time

Unpaid Part Time (use this template when faculty has not met the service commitment; other reasons for immediate termination include:  failure to meet or other duties of their appointment or violation of any applicable School of Medicine or University policies - letters for these scenarios should be authored along with legal counsel's input)

Faculty Re-Appointments

Faculty Reappointment Instructions

Faculty Reappointment Database User’s Guide

RRC Cover Sheet


Updated 1/22/2020

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