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Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)

Diversity Programs: School of Medicine Post-Baccalaureate Program

Our Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) and our Doctoral Diversity Program (DDP) will accept applications from November 1, 2017 through February 15, 2018 (12 midnight EST). Top candidates will be invited for interviews and to meet potential research mentors in early April 2018.  Selected candidates will matriculate in June/July 2018.  

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PREP Provides:

  • Research Experience: Scholars will conduct hypothesis-driven research in their Mentor’s lab, with day-to-day guidance by an experienced PhD student or postdoc. Scholars will participate in weekly lab meetings and department seminars, and present research posters at our summer research celebration, two vibrant PhD program retreats, and a national meeting of their choice.
  • Community: Monthly science ‘chalk-talks’ and off-campus activities with a dedicated team of faculty and peer mentors (PhD students, postdocs).
  • Professional Training and Personal Growth: Scholars will participate in workshops designed to (a) improve spoken communication and scientific writing skills, (b) explore the PhD career spectrum, and (c) improve inter-personal skills by understanding their own strengths and ‘blind spots’.
  • Preparation for GRE exam, graduate school applications and interviews
  • Annual salary and benefits (~$27,000)

Who Should Apply:

  • US Citizens or Permanent Residents with a keen interest in entering a PhD or MD/PhD program
  • College seniors or recent graduates with bachelor’s degree in biomedical science (biochemistry, chemistry, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, microbiology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, biophysics or related fields)

We consider a variety of factors that demonstrate scientific potential and motivation for PhD careers. Applicants should have strong grades in science and math (GPA 3.3 or better), or a strong upward trajectory in science/math grades. Exceptions may be made for students with research experience.

Please contact Catherine L. Will for questions about PREP eligibility or general application questions.  

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Doctoral Diversity Program (DDP)

This post-baccalaureate program, funded by the Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA) has at least five supported slots per year.  The DDP will support post-baccalaureate  students interested in pursuing medical school or PhD training in a health-related field.  DDP Scholars will be matched with a research mentor and will receive assistance, such as coaching and stage-appropriate professionalism skills training, towards successful entry and completion of medical school and/or graduate school.      

Structure: DDP Scholars will experience four core activities: Research, Health Care, Community, Professional Training, and Personal Growth

  • Research: Each DDP Scholar will conduct research in their chosen mentor’s lab or clinical research unit, with day-to-day guidance by an experienced research team. Scholars will participate fully in the scientific and intellectual life of the research team, including weekly meetings and department seminars.
  • Health Care Community: In addition to their research mentor, Scholars will form lasting multi-generational scientific and social bonds with the DDP community at Hopkins. DDP Scholars will also meet healthcare role models through weekly ‘Lunch and Learn’ talks during the summer.
  • Professional Training: Scholars will take commercial GRE or MCAT preparation courses, if needed, and participate in workshops designed to improve their public speaking skills, and improve their inter-personal skills by gaining important insight into how their mind works, to better understand their own strengths and ‘blind spots’ when interacting with others. Scholars will improve their writing and editing skills in a biomedical communications course.   
  • Personal Growth: Scholars will meet with the DDP Director, Dr. Deidra Crews, to identify specific areas to strengthen and create an individual development plan.

Who should apply:

  • Students who are US citizens or permanent residents and are from economically (~200% of the poverty level) and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in medical school and/or graduate school.  
  • Annual stipend and benefits: $28,000

Please contact Catherine L. Will for questions about DDP eligibility or general application questions.