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Physical Exam Teaching Associates

The Physical Exam Teaching Associates (PETA) act as:

  • individuals trained to teach the techniques of basic physical examination (abdominal, neurology, cardiovascular, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, head & neck (aka HEENT) and head-to-toe/multi-system).
  • patient models, providing students the chance to practice exam techniques

The educational benefits for the student include:

  • humanizing the patient 
  • providing immediate feedback, reassurance and opportunity for experiential learning 
  • providing individualized attention and feedback on interpersonal skills, as well as technique 
  • giving feedback from the perspective of the patient 
  • learning in a safe and relaxed environment 
  • training through an open, on demand environment to meet project schedules 
  • learning through cost effective training technique

Individuals are carefully recruited and trained. Men and women will be selected with emphasis on the following criteria:

  • comfortableness with his/her body 
  • comfortableness in discussing and demonstrating his/her own anatomy with others 
  • ability to communicate articulately, convey information clearly, and remain professional. 
  • sensitivity to instructing medical students on how to perform a physical examination and interact with a patient 
  • interest in education and contributing to the development of healthcare professionals
  • sophistication in interpersonal skills

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Contact Information

If you are interested in this work or have questions, please contact: 

Rose Zaeske, Program Manager at:
410-614-0847 or