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Genitourinary Teaching Associate Program

Our basic educational model provides instruction for two or three students with one GTA. The session for male instruction is one hour to one and one-half hours. The session for female instruction is one to two hours in duration.

Individuals are carefully recruited and trained. Men and women will be selected with emphasis on the following criteria:

  • Should be comfortable with his or her body and sexuality.
  • Should be comfortable in discussing and demonstrating his/her own anatomy with others, and possess a high level of comfort with instruction involving invasive examination
  • Should be able to communicate articulately and to convey information clearly and in a professional manner.
  • Should be interested in education, and in contributing to the development of excellent health care professionals.
  • Should possess sophisticated interpersonal skills.

The educational benefits for the students include:

  • The humanization of the patient.
  • An understanding of the genital, urinary and rectal anatomy (and breast in the female exam) necessary for effective and sensitive clinical skills is provided in a supportive environment..
  • Instructor as the patient provides immediate feedback, reassurance and opportunity for experiential learning.
  • Time for individualized attention and feedback.
  • Small group size maintains engagement of entire student group throughout instruction.
  • Students are introduced to patient education skills in the self-examination.

To supervise the instructional content and revisions necessary to maintain a high standard in the GTA program, Johns Hopkins has enlisted consultants Dr. Nancy Hueppchen, Assistant Professor, Gynecology and Obstetrics and Dr. H. Ballentine Carter, Professor of Urology.

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If you are interested in this work or have questions, please contact:

Rose Zaeske

Program Manager