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Teaching Programs (GTA and PETA)

Two teaching programs geared toward training medical professionals in the areas of physical exam skills are provided at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center. 

Exam rooms at the Johns Hopkins Sim Center
Better communication skills are developed by medical students and professionals by simulating common human interactions that take place every day. How a medical professional conducts an exam is vital to this training, both from a clinical and communication perspective.

These programs include:

  1. The Physical Exam Teaching Associates (PETA) act as:
    • individuals trained to teach the techniques of basic physical examination (abdominal, neurology, cardiovascular and pulmonary) 
    • patient models, providing students the chance to practice exam techniques, giving feedback from the patient’s perspective

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  2. The Genitourinary Teaching Associates (GTA or GUTA) are individuals:
    • who are trained to teach techniques and protocol for performing the gender-specific physical examination to healthcare trainees, using him or herself as a demonstration and practice model

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