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As the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center continues to broaden simulation services beyond COVID-19 related activities, changes are necessary to maintain the safety of our learners, instructors, and staff, while still fulfilling our teaching and patient safety missions. Our goal is to decrease density and optimize distancing while preserving the goals and objectives of all healthcare simulation teaching, assessment, research, and systems integration activities.

The majority of Standardized Patient and Teaching Associate activities have transitioned to remote delivery, as telehealth cases or modifying teaching activities to a virtual setting. Many integrated clinical simulations (“manikin scenarios”) have been successfully modified to remote learning.

JHMSC has developed a set of guiding principles for in-person activities that will uphold government directives, conform with current regulations set forth by JHU and JHH, and comply with current CDC and HEIC guidelines for health screening, PPE, disinfection, and social distancing. The staff of JHMSC will work with each course director to assure that we continue to preserve these principles during scheduled activities for the foreseeable future. If you have identified a currently existing simulation event that is essential for participants’ immediate role function that cannot be transitioned to a remote format, please reach out to your simulation educator to begin the process of redesigning and rescheduling the activity.

Until further notice, we are unable to accommodate visitors in the Simulation Centers, in accordance with the University’s Phase 1 Return to Campus guidance:

For further information, please make use of the following resources, reach out to your simulation educator, or email

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