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Mission Statement

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center uses exciting and innovative methods to enable the medical institution to further achieve the tripartite mission: 

Patient Care

Through annual competencies, continued education, and new product education, the Simulation Center helps to improve safety within patient care. The patient care mission strives to familiarize staff thoroughly with procedures and technologies before having to apply them to patients with current and new equipment and technologies. While performing a procedure, the practitioner must display the necessary skills that inspire confidence and trust by the patient.


The educational mission seeks to teach students and trainees better diagnostic and communication skills using video assessments. The Center also allows nursing, respiratory therapy, medical students and house-staff to learn and practice procedures “on plastic” before performing procedures on patients, ideally enhancing both the educational experience AND patient safety. In addition to skill enhancement, the Center also serves the purpose of assessments and offers certification or credentialing required by various regulatory bodies.


The Simulation Center contributes to the Johns Hopkins research mission by identifying more advanced and effective educational methods. In addition, Hopkins’ research teams are involved in exciting research using simulation as a diagnostic tool to understand the sources of errors in team settings.