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Obstetrics Links

Disclaimer: The following links are supplied for informational purposes only. While they all appear to be reputable sites they are in no way associated with our practice nor are they specifically endorsed by us. Should you have questions about any of the information on these sites, please bring them to the attention of your medical providers or a member of our staff.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
This official Web site of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists provides a physician directory, health columns, post-graduate courses and much more.

Better BedRest
An outreach program for at-risk pregnancies.

Breast Feeding

  • Your Guide to Breast Feeding
    This easy-to-read free publication provides women the how-to information and support needed to breastfeed successfully. It explains why breastfeeding is best for baby, mom, and society and how loved ones can support a mother's decision to breastfeed. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • Find a Lactation Consultant
  • Breast Feeding Pumps and Accessories
    Breast feeding pumps, maternity support garments (aka maternity belts), support hose, and accessories.

Love 'N Care - 410-732-5870
Are you expecting Twins, Triplets, or more?
Managing Multiples, LLC offers education and support for parents expecting multiples. 410-750-9487 or email:

Pregnancy and Newborn Support

Maternity & lactation Clothing

Newborn and Infant Clothing