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Insurance and Billing

Signature OB/GYN participate in most managed care programs. As this list constantly changes, please check with our business office for the latest update. 

Have insurance and billing related questions?

We are happy to answer your insurance and billing related questions! Please e-mail us at:

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Do I need prior authorization to be seen?

Many of these plans require prior authorization from a primary care provider in order for you to be seen. If this is the case, you must bring your referral in order to receive treatment. Certain plans require a co-payment and this must be paid at the time of the visit.

Whose responsibility is it to know about my health care plan changes?

Managed care plans may have restrictions with respect to hospitals, referral physicians, as well as the type and extent of treatment. Changes in hospitals, participating physicians, labs, and ancillary service providers occur continuously. While we make every effort to keep abreast of these modifications and relay them to you, it is ultimately the patient's responsibility to make certain her program approves of the choice of hospital, physician, or laboratory where she has been referred. We recommend careful review of your plan's benefits and suggest contacting your program's patient relations representative for explanations.

When do I need to pay my bill?

Payment will be requested at the time of service for all services that are non-covered or determined to be the patient's responsibility, including co-payments. Payment may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. If you are an obstetrical patient and you do not have insurance, we require a $250 deposit upon your first visit, and payment in full by your seventh month. Please contact our Patient Financial Advisor to work out a payment plan at (410) 997-0580, extension 48145.

What are your fees?

Our fees are within the customary range for this area and reflect the level of care you will receive and the highest level of training by the physicians in the group. We have standardized charges for various procedures. These fees are listed in the office and are available to you at all times. If you have any questions about fees, please feel free to call and discuss them with our Operations Manager at (410)997-0580.

When do you charge me for my obstetrical care?

Charges for office visits are paid for at the time of the visit, unless prior arrangements are made. The fees for obstetrical care include medical care from your first visit through your prenatal care, your delivery, and your visit six weeks following delivery. Additional charges are made for special laboratory tests, procedures, or complicated obstetrical care. All obstetrical fees are required to be paid by the seventh month (28th week) of pregnancy.

Do I need a referral?

For several insurance plans we are primary care providers and are responsible for making referrals to specialists. If you are uncertain if we are the primary care provider or if you will require a referral to see a specialist please contact your insurance plan or contact our referral coordinator. Once you are sure we are responsible for the referral please call or email the office and leave a message with the Referral Coordinator. Please be sure to include the problem you are having, the specialist you would like to see, and a phone number and email address to contact you. You should receive a return call or email within one to three working days. If the problem is in any way an emergency you should call the office to speak directly with one our Doctors/Midwives or Nurses.

Can I use a retroactive referral?

Every effort will be made to assist you with the referral process and forms. Retroactive referrals cannot be written and will not be honored. Our referral coordinator can be of great assistance in answering your questions, but please do not ask her to violate insurance contracts or our office policies. She can be reached at extension 48138. It is our policy that all referrals are picked up at the office where your medical record is stored.

What should I do about pre-certification?

Many procedures or treatment plans require pre-certification with the insurance plans to verify benefits and obtain preauthorization and approval. Denise Huber does the pre-certification for OB related procedures, and Krystal Johnson does the pre-certification for GYN procedures, for the practice. If you have questions concerning verification of benefits or preauthorization for office procedures, sonograms, circumcisions, infertility and recurrent miscarriage evaluations, and amniocentesis, please call (410) 997-0580, ext. 48144 for Krystal or ext. 48138 for Denise, for further assistance.

Who should I call if I have billing inquiries?

Our practice firmly believes that a good physician/patient relationship is based upon understanding and good communication. Thank you for understanding our Financial Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about fees or with your statement, please feel free to call MBMS (our billing company) and discuss these issues. MBMS can be reached at the following number: 1-800-967-7418.