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Nurses FAQs

I have been directed by my medical provider to contact the nursing office concerning the use of Depo-Provera. How can I get more information about Depo-Provera and how can I contact the nursing office?

Depo-Provera can be used for a variety of medical problems. The most common reason is for contraception or to stop menstrual bleeding. The nursing office can help you get more information about Depo-Provera and can help arrange the prescription and injection of the medication. You can call the nursing office at (410) 997-0580.

I have been instructed by my medical provider to get Rhogam®. How can I do this?

Rhogam® during pregnancy is usually given, when indicated, at 28 weeks and after delivery. It is also given to select patients after miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, amniocentesis, external versions, and occasionally after trauma. Rhogam has a very specific time frame in which it should be given. If you have been instructed to follow-up with the nursing department you should do this by phone at (410) 997-0580 as soon as possible.

How can I get more information about an Intra Uterine Device (IUD)?

If you have discussed this with your physician or midwife the nursing office can help to provide additional literature if needed. They will also help to order the IUD and help to arrange the date of its placement.