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Obstetrics Q&A

Keeping You Informed...

What is an ectopic pregnancy and how is it treated? - by Dana Baras, M.D., M.P.H. Signature OB/GYN

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy? - by Yasmin Holsey, M.D., Signature OB/GYN

How do I develop an exercise plan that is safe for me and baby-to-be? - by Jeanne Prins, M.S., Certified Nurse Midwife, M.D., Signature OB/GYN

I am still not pregnant. When should I see a fertility specialist? - by Denise Vourlos, M.D., Signature OB/GYN

Q&A Videos

Gestational Diabetes

Dana Baras, M.D., Signature OB/GYN

Preventing Ceasarean Sections

Dana Baras, M.D., Signature OB/GYN