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Premature Labor and Delivery

Dr. Kokkinakos with performing an ultrasound on a patient during a routine obsetrics exam
Our obstetricians will guide you in every step of your pregnancy, including any possible preterm complications.

Many women throughout their pregnancy may experience either preterm contractions, or actually preterm labor – with or without an actual early delivery. 

Our obstetricians are experienced at managing patients with preterm complications, including the use of the most up-to-date antenatal testing and medications to help manage and extend the length of pregnancy. We also work in close consultation with the Neonatologists and Neonatal ICU.

Howard County General Hospital has a level III+ designation for their nursery, allowing them to provide the highest levels of care to the smallest and most at-need babies after they are born.

Premature labor and delivery can be a scary and even life-threatening situation. Depending on how early the delivery, babies can need extra time in the hospital.

You can find a doctorrequest an appointment or call us at (410) 997-0580.