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Obstetric Ultrasound

obstetric ultrasound

Our physicians prefer to order obstetric ultrasounds three to four times during a routine pregnancy. Ultrasound is the use of sound waves to see inside the uterus.

  1. Confirmation of the pregnancy – this usually happens around the eight to ten week mark.
  2. Nuchal translucency ultrasound scan – during this test, your ultrasound technician will measure the baby’s nose, the length between the spine and nape of the baby’s neck (known as the nuchal fold), examine heart function and measure the baby’s growth. This test is combined with a blood test to look for markers for Down’s syndrome and spina bifida.
  3. Twenty-week ultrasound – at the halfway mark of your pregnancy, you will be able to see your fully formed baby. We will examine heart function, kidney formation and other important health factors in your still-developing baby. We may even be able to tell you the gender at this point, if you would like to know.

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