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Gait and Running Analysis Treadmill

Chris Marrow, P.T. and patient on running analysis treadmill

A sophisticated new treadmill is helping Sibley physical therapists pinpoint the precise cause of pain, design the right treatment and track progress over time. The treadmill, one of only two in the Washington area, uses more than 5,000 calibrated pressure/force sensors to measure balance, stability, pressure, gravity, stride length and abnormalities as you walk, run, jump, lift and climb. For example, turning feet in or out as you walk can create hip muscle imbalances and alignment problems. Putting excessive pressure on one area of your foot when you run can indicate weakness in your knee. An overly long or short stride could relate to tight knee or hip muscles. 


The machine’s detailed information lets physical therapists make data-driven suggestions such as changing running style, replacing shoes, inserting corrective devices in shoes or adding stretching/strengthening exercises to training routines. Sibley’s team uses the treadmill’s analysis to help orthopedic and sports medicine specialists enhance treatment before and after knee or hip replacement surgery, improve individualized performance training for athletes and help walkers and runners maximize the good effects of exercise while minimizing damage. 

The Running Analysis Treadmill can help those with: 

  • Gait dysfunction causing pain 
  • Running dysfunction causing pain 
  • Pain in hip, knee , or ankle with running, 
  • ITB Syndrome
  • Patella femoral syndrome 
  • Running patterns that cause pain 
  • Differences in Running with shoes on vs. shoes off

What you need to get started:

  • Prescription for Physical Therapy assessment from your doctor
  • Call Sibley’s outpatient rehabilitation at 202-364-7665