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Candid Conversations About Cancer: Frank Talk; Real People

The Candid Conversations About Cancer: Frank Talk; Real People video series provides patients guidance on both the emotional and practical aspects of coping with a cancer diagnosis. We hope the videos will help start a conversation between cancer patients and their loved ones on these important topics. The Sibley Center for Patient and Family Services is also here to help. Please visit or call (202) 243-2274.

Cancer Survivorship: Life after Diagnosis
Meagan Paulk, MSW, LGSW & Pamela Goetz

After treatment ends, the transition to the “new normal” can be a difficult period for patients. Clinical Social Worker Meagan Paulk and Patient Navigator Pamela Goetz talk about the different ways people approach this phase, survivorship care plans and the importance of having one created for you.

Managing Emotions After a Cancer Diagnosis
Sarah Blomstedt, MSW, LGSW

The moment of a cancer diagnosis is a scary time for a patient and their family. Sarah Bloomstedt, Clinical Social Worker, shares resources and coping strategies to help manage fear, anxiety or other emotions.

Sexual Health and Cancer
Elisabeth Carrino-Tamasi, MSW, LGSW

Intimacy and sexuality is often overlooked during and following cancer treatment. As Senior Coordinator of Patient and Family Services Liz Tamasi explains, it can be a true quality of life issue. She provides some practical suggestions and other recommendations to help patients and their partners during this time.


Living with Cancer: Helping Caregivers Cope
Meagan Paulk, MSW, LGSW

Caring for someone with cancer and worrying about the future can be overwhelming. Clinical Social Worker Megan Paulk shares coping strategies and resources available for both the caregiver and the patient.

Working During Cancer Treatment: Understanding Your Options
Pamela Goetz

There are variables that come into play when making a decision about whether to work during cancer treatment. Patient Navigator Pamela Goetz explains that it is an individual choice, and suggests resources that are available to help people in making that decision.

Talking to your Children About a Cancer Diagnosis
Elisabeth Carrino-Tamasi, MSW, LGSW

Families are often concerned about how children will react to a family member’s diagnosis of cancer. Liz Tamasi, Senior Coordinator, Center for Patient and Family Services, offers direction and guiding principles for talking to children about a cancer diagnosis.


Nutrition for People with Cancer
Lynda McIntyre, RD

A change in diet can help minimize side effects of cancer treatment, often helping you to look and feel better. Registered Dietician Lynda McIntrye shares strategies and resources to help you maintain and enhance your nutritional health during treatment.

The Importance of Advanced Care Planning
Meagan Paulk, MSW, LGSW

Decisions about end-of-life care are deeply personal and based on individual values and beliefs. Thinking about end of life wishes — or advanced care planning — can be overwhelming, and some people may not know where to begin. Clinical Social Worker Meagan Paulk offers support and expert guidance on advanced care planning.

The Role of an Oncology Nurse Navigator
Jennie Tarica, MSN, RN, CBPN-IC

A patient navigator provides support, resources and care coordination from diagnosis to returning to life after cancer treatment. Lead Cancer Nurse Navigator Jennie Tarica explains how patients feel well-prepared to handle what may lie ahead with the partnership of a navigator.


Managing End of Life Care
Sarah Blomstedt, MSW, LGSW

Managing end of life care is not something that most of us are equipped to handle on our own. Clinical Social Worker Sarah Blomstedt takes you through the process, including providing important information on hospice care.

Spiritual Care After a Cancer Diagnosis
Elder “Robin” Walker, M. Div.

Chaplain Robin Walker shares how she helps patients manage the fear associated with a cancer diagnosis. Learn how she promotes spiritual care as an essential dimension of cancer care.

Living with Cancer: Dot & Doug’s Story

Dot was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Dot and her husband Doug share their personal story about how they united as a team to cope during treatment and beyond. Dot, an accomplished painter, is back to doing the work she loves.


Living with Cancer: Niani & Xris’ Story

Niani, her husband Xris and their two children were living in Tanzania when Niani started feeling unwell. After visiting a local physician, she returned to the U.S., where she received a diagnosis of uterine cancer. Her family joined her and after much research, they decided to have treatment at Sibley. Watch this moving story of Niani and her family’s journey.

A Tour of Medical Oncology
Michael Carducci, MD and Natasha Schultz, RN
Kimmel Cancer Center

Join Michael Carducci, M.D., Professor of Oncology and Natasha Schultz, RN, Nurse Manager, Medical Oncology, as they take you on a tour of the new, state-of-the-art Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital. See the new 34-private room Infusion Center with patient centered amenities such as color therapy and more.

A Tour of Radiation Oncology
Victoria Croog, MD
Kimmel Cancer Center

Dr. Victoria Croog, Clinical Director, Sibley Radiation Oncology, takes you on a tour of the Center sharing important information on the advanced technology, quality, safety and care team. She also explains what you can expect during the course of your treatment.

The Sibley Center for Patient & Family Services video series, Candid Conversations About Cancer: Frank Talk, Real People, has been generously funded by Lisa and Nick Krawczyk.