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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Team

The Sullivan Breast Center has access to sophisticated radiation therapy through the Radiation Oncology Center, which provides advanced technology, breakthrough treatments and clinical trials through the combined programs of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Sibley Memorial Hospital and Suburban Hospital. One combined department provides a seamless system of care for patients which includes:

  • Highly-trained Johns Hopkins physicians and physicists
  • Faster and more comfortable treatment
  • Access to clinical trials and collaborative care

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is used to deliver lethal treatment to cancer cells. Modern radiation is delivered with extreme precision. Technological advances also allow highly conformal radiation so it can be delivered to a target structure (i.e., a lymph node) while avoiding adjacent or nearby normal tissues (i.e., the heart).

Uses For Radiation Therapy

Radiation is frequently done after surgery to kill microscopic cancer cells that could not be seen during surgery.

Radiation may also be done:

  • Prior to surgery to shrink the tumor
  • In combination with chemotherapy
  • As a palliative treatment (therapy that relieves symptoms, such as pain, but does not alter the course of the disease)

Radiation treatment feels just like getting a standard X-ray, meaning it is painless. The treatment usually lasts only a few minutes. If chemotherapy is also prescribed, radiation treatment may be given either during or after chemotherapy.

Contact Radiation Oncology

Building B, Level 1
Phone: 202-537-4787
Fax 202-243-5271