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Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are used to test, measure, and learn more about the effectiveness and risks of new treatments. After researchers explore experimental treatments in the laboratory, those with the most promising results move into clinical trials.

What are the benefits?

Participants gain access to new treatments before they are widely available, and help others by contributing to medical research that could lead to new breakthroughs.

Who can join a trial?

Participants must qualify based on specific guidelines. Some trials seek those with illnesses or conditions being studied, others need healthy participants.

How are people protected?

Trials are designed to protect participants and keep them safe. Risks and potential benefits are carefully explained, and participants may withdraw at any time. Ethical and legal codes governing medical practice apply to clinical trials, and most are federally regulated. An independent committee of physicians, statisticians, community advocates, and others provide approval and ongoing review to protect the rights of participants.

Clinical trials give our community access to the best research and next level of care. A recent commendation from the Commission on Cancer made particular note of the number of patients Sibley places in trials.

Please contact Jackie Lobien at 301-896-3122 or by email to learn about the clinical trials offered at Sibley.