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Ward Infinity

Ward Infinity Cohort
Inaugural Cohort


Ward Infinity is a community-focused initiative developed by Sibley Memorial Hospital to strengthen local efforts related to health and wellness in Wards 7 and 8 in the District of Columbia. 

  • As a committed partner and collaborator, Sibley recognizes that the ultimate expert on how community health is experienced is the community itself. In mid-2017, Sibley convened a series of community conversations to better understand local priorities related to health, wellness, and socioeconomic concerns.
  • Coming out of these gatherings, Sibley designed Ward Infinity and invited local residents to partner as Community Health Innovators in Residence. Through Ward Infinity, Community Health Innovators address health disparities and social determinants of health while also promoting innovation, advocacy, and community engagement.
  • The Community Health Innovators are guided through an intensive design-thinking curriculum which provides them with a set of useful tools and resources to help define their health program and bring their innovative ideas to fruition. The curriculum emphasizes the need for high-impact solutions that align with existing community health programs.
  • As a nonprofit community hospital, Sibley is continuously focused on increasing our investments in health care services for underserved communities, health promotion and education, and outreach. Ward Infinity was launched through a contribution to the Sibley Foundation to support community health improvement initiatives in Wards 7 and 8.

For more information on the Inaugural Cohort of the Ward Infinity Community Health Innovators in Residence, please click here or email

Request for Application

If interested in applying to be a Community Health Innovator in Residence, please click here. To view responses to questions submitted regarding the Request for Application, please click here.