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About Patient Relations

Here to Listen. Respond. Solve.

Sibley aims to provide the best patient experience possible. Sibley’s patient relations resource helps patients, their families, hospital staff, physicians and others communicate fully and resolve issues. During your stay, we encourage you and your loved ones to communicate with your care team about any special concerns or requests.

Sibley welcomes your input. If a member of your care team is unable to respond to questions or assist you, please ask to speak with a manager or contact our director of patient relations, Marianne Monek, at 202-537-4267 or

How can you give us feedback?

You can give us feedback by:

  • Speaking with a member of your loved ones’ health care team or asking to speak with a manager
  • Calling our patient relations of office at 202-537-4267 with feedback regarding your experience
  • Completing a survey about your experience with us. For some services, this means you may receive a survey at home. This information is very important to us. We use it to celebrate our staff and to focus on improvement

How can Patient Relations help the staff?

The patient relations director is an appropriate resource for staff to utilize. In this role, patient relations can:

  • Improve communication among the parties
  • Access additional information to work toward an appropriate resolution
  • Address concerns and offer suggestions about what can be done to address the concern
  • Resolve difficulties

Confidentiality is respected and maintained. The patient’s perception of their experience or concern will be documented.

What happens when Patient Relations is contacted?

When contacted by any method:

  • The patient relations director will contact the Nurse Manager and/or physician to alert them to the fact that there is a patient concern.
  • The patient relations director will offer suggestions along with the manager about what can be done to address the concern. It is always the optimal result if the staff on the unit is able to resolve the concern immediately.
  • No further action will be taken unless the patient relations director is requested to file a formal complaint by the patient or family member.

Complaints and Grievances

A complaint is defined as a comment (generally given verbally) at the time of the incident.

A grievance is a written or verbal complaint that has not been resolved by the staff when initially made, or requires additional review for further action. A grievance may concern:

  • The patient’s care, including abuse or neglect
  • Issues related to the hospital’s compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), hospital conditions of participation or a Medicare beneficiary billing complaint

In each case when a patient has a concern, the patient's description of their experience is documented, and our director contacts the appropriate care manager. We then work with the manager to suggest ways to address those concerns, with the goal of reaching an immediate resolution. Confidentiality is always maintained.