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Service Excellence... not just a good attitude;

it's a great one.

It's our culture.

Service Excellence at Johns Hopkins Medicine is a way of working, a way of interacting, and a way of thinking about our jobs as we work together with others.



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Lavonne Sewell

Lavonne Sewell, RN, MSN

Occupational Health,

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Every year we are required to take a TB test and most of the time I find myself in a quiet environment with little interaction. This year, when I met Lavonne during my annual TB test, it was different. Immediately as my coworkers and I walked into her office she was bright, cheery, and welcoming. She assisted us with paperwork as needed and helped us in a very timely manner. In my opinion, the best part was her communication and performance during the test. She explained everything thoroughly. Once the test was complete, she was so helpful to provide a reminder to return and kept a smile on her face the whole time. Meeting Lavonne that morning brightened the rest of my day and she had a real impact on me. I only hope to show others as much caring and compassion as Lavonne showed me.

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