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Public Transportation

Those who engage in crime are always searching for a soft or easy target. The easiest method to foil their attempts is to practice good, common sense crime prevention habits.

Always be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious persons or activity on campus to security as soon as possible.

  • If possible use well lit, busy stops.
  • Stay alert! Do not leave yourself noticeably vulnerable to theft by dozing off.
  • A crowded bus is an environment for pick pockets. Carry your wallet in an inside coat pocket or a front pants pocket. Carry your bag closely, not dangling from its strap.
  • Take a seat near the driver if another passenger is bothering you.
  • If someone harasses you on a bus or subway, do not be embarrassed to loudly say "Leave me alone!"
  • Watch who exits with you. If you feel uneasy, walk directly to a place where there are other people.

If something or someone at your intended stop raises your concern about personal safety, wait until the next stop to get off.

View public transportation options in and around Baltimore.