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COEUS Training Slides

COEUS Information

Lessons Learned from the Feb. 5th, 2007 
R01 Submissions using COEUS
For presentation dates, please view the COEUS training schedule.

The entire presentation is available for download as one file: COEUS.ppt (4,250 KB)
Or, each section may be downloaded individually below:

  1. Personnel  (pg. 3-20)
  2. Modular Budgets (pg. 21-26)
  3. Budgets w/Subcontracts (pg. 27-36)
  4. Narrative Types (pg. 37-42)
  5. Human Subject Approvals/Exemptions (pg. 43-47)
  6. Optional Forms (pg. 48-51)
  7. Other Items (pg. 52-64)
  8. ORA Submission (pg. 65-70)
  9. Revision/Renewal/Copying Proposals (pg. 71-78)
    Note: S
    lide 76 updated on 3/12/07

COEUS logon instructions

Narrative types

Budget file to send to consortium institutions*
*This file is in PureEdge format. To download PureEdge software, visit the software downloads page.