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Who in the Office of Research Administration (ORA) has my proposal?

All commercially sponsored clinical trial agreements (see definition below) and any subsequent modifications thereto are reviewed, negotiated, and approved by a dedicated clinical trials staff at the 750 E. Pratt St, 14th floorPlease note that the drop off and pick up of proposals remains at the Main School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Research Administration located in the Miller Research Building(MRB), Suite 117. Principal Investigators and administrative contacts noted on the electronic information sheet (eIS) are informed when the file is assigned to a Contract Officer or Director.  To check the status of your proposal, contact or call 410-361-8365 or 410-361-8343. 

Clinical trials are: "any research project that prospectively assigns human subjects to intervention and comparison groups to study the cause-and-effect-relationship between a medical intervention and a health outcome," as defined by ICJME and including Phase I and II treatment trials.

Commercial agreements other than clinical trials are reviewed in the Main MRB Research Administration Office. Agreements are assigned to Contract Coordinators and Directors by department, as posted on the MRB Departmental Delegations page.

Proposals to non-commercial sponsors are reviewed in the Main MRB Research Administration Office. Proposals are assigned to Sr. Sponsored Projects Specialists and Directors by department, as posted on the MRB Departmental Delegations page.