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Forms and Electronic Proposal Processes

SOM Internal Forms    

  1. SOM Deadlines
  2. Coeus Icons
  3. Coeus Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Gaining Access to Coeus
    a.   Roles
    b.   Training
    c.   Getting started using COEUS  
    d.   ORA Sponsored Research Training/Meetings
  5. COEUS Proposal Development (Coeus PD)
    a.  Using Coeus Proposal Development (Coeus PD) in place of an eIS (step-by-step guide for 5B and 5C)
    b.  Preparing a proposal for submission to a sponsor as a paper (hard) copy.
    c.  Preparing a proposal for submission through an electronic system other than Grants.Gov
    d.  Preparing a proposal for submission to Grants.Gov (Revised 4/6/10)
    e.  Coeus Premium User Guide (JHU ORIS version)
    f.   CoeusLite User Guide (JHU ORIS version)
    g.  Preparing a CDA
  6. Other COEUS Proposal Development Information
    a.   Proposal Type List
    b.   Activity Type List
    c.   Anticipated Award Type List
    d.  Yes/No Questions (Excel File)
    e.  Questionnaire (Research Compliance Questions) (Excel file)
    f.   Narrative uploads for Grants.Gov (RO1 submissions)
    g.  Narrative uploads for submissions (K's)
  7. Checklists
    a.  Proposal Development Checklist
    b.  Coeus Proposal Departmental Approvers Guide
  8. Routing a Corporate Trial Agreement (rev 3/10) 
    a.  Clinical Research Agreement
    b.  Supplemental Information Form for Commercial Agreements  
    c.  Instructions for Completing Supplemental Information Sheet for Commercial Agreements
  9. Routing a COEUS Proposal
  10. Subcontract Information Sheet
  11. Request a New Sponsor Code 

Agency Specific Processes