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Code of Professional Conduct Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is a Code of Professional Conduct for Faculty necessary?

    The purpose of the Code of Professional Conduct for Faculty is to clearly establish the School’s expectations of its faculty’s professional behavior.  The policy states, “the School of Medicine seeks to create an environment in which members of the community are civil and respectful of individuals and individual differences, that effectively and efficiently supports the missions of the School of Medicine, and that is free of behaviors that undermine the missions of the School.”

  2. To whom does the policy apply?

    This policy applies to all full-time and part-time faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

  3. I also have a clinical appointment at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and I am subject to the Medical Staff Bylaws.  Which policy should I follow?

    You must adhere to both policies.  Conduct or behavior that violates School of Medicine or University policies may in some cases also constitute a violation of applicable hospital policies.  In those cases, it is possible that formal review, up to and including disciplinary action, may be  pursued under both School and Hospital policies.

  4. How is a violation of this Code of Professional Conduct for Faculty resolved?

    Violations of the Code of Professional Conduct for Faculty should initially be handled on the departmental level, by the department director if necessary, immediately and non-confrontationally.  The Code of Professional Conduct provides guidance on how to address issues of unprofessional behavior at the interpersonal and unit (e.g., division, department) levels.   If the issue cannot be solved at the local level, the matter should be referred to the Dean’s Office.  Violations of the Code of Professional Conduct by faculty will be handled in accordance with the School of Medicine Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Professional Misconduct, found online at:

Code of Professional Conduct for Faculty