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Uniform Provisions

What are the Uniform Provisions?

“The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Uniform Provisions” (“UProv”) encompasses all relevant University and School of Medicine policies with respect to outside services. The one-page document is broadly drafted, and is not customized to specific agreements. Consequently, some of the sections in the UProv may not apply to your specific arrangement or will have already been incorporated into the main body of your agreement. Therefore, it is possible to delete irrelevant or duplicate sections.

How can I add the Uniform Provisions to my private agreement?

  1. Download the one-page Uniform Provisions document to your computer.
  2. Fill out all highlighted fields in the Uniform Provisions document with the relevant information. 
  3. Delete irrelevant or duplicate sections.
  4. Convert document into a PDF or "Read Only" file. 
  5. Forward the document to the company along with the request that the company incorporate the document into your agreement.  Ask the company to use the following language in one of the sections in the main body of the agreement:
    "This Agreement shall be subject to the terms of 'The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Uniform Provisions' (the 'Uniform Provisions') incorporated by reference as JHU Terms Schedule [ ]."

If you have any questions regarding the Uniform Provisions, please contact the Office of Policy Coordination at or (410) 361-8667. 

For additional help with private agreements, please view our Private Agreement Frequently Asked Questions and our Private Agreement Templates