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  • Harold Lehmann Lab

    Researchers in the Harold Lehmann Lab study evidence-based medicine. We are currently examining the informatics infrastructure of research and the secondary use of electronic health record data for research. The team is also evaluating the value of classic evidence reports versus social media versus links to community services for community health workers.

    Research Areas: electronic health records, evidence-based medicine, information technology

  • Mark Dredze Lab

    The Mark Dredze Lab investigates topics such as natural language processing, speech, machine learning and intelligent user interfaces. Our team is currently exploring several key health information applications, including information extraction from social media and biomedical and clinical texts. Our recent research in these areas include vaccine communication during the Disneyland measles outbreak; the validity of online drug forums for estimating trends in drug use; and the use of Twitter to examine social rationales for vaccine refusal.

    Research Areas: machine learning, health sciences informatics, health information, social media

    Principal Investigator

    Mark Dredze, M.A., Ph.D.


    Health Sciences Informatics

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