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  • Adam D. Sylvester Lab

    Research in the Adam D. Sylvester Lab primarily focuses on the way in which humans and primates move through the environment, with the aim of reconstructing the locomotor repertoire of extinct hominins and other primates. We use a quantitative approach that involves the statistical analysis of three-dimensional biological shapes, specifically musculoskeletal structures, and then link the anatomy to function and function to locomotor behavior.

    Research Areas: anatomy, biomechanics, locomotion, evolution, skeletal morphology

  • Christopher B. Ruff Lab

    Research in the Christopher B. Ruff Lab focuses on biomechanics and primate locomotion, skeletal growth and development, osteoporosis, skeletal remodeling and the evolution of the hominoid postcranium. We primarily explore how variation in skeletal morphology is related to mechanical forces applied during life. Our studies have shown that the skeleton adapts to its mechanical environment, both developmentally and through evolutionary time, by altering its structural organization.

    Research Areas: anatomy, osteoporosis, biomechanics, locomotion, evolution, skeletal morphology

  • Jonathan M.G. Perry Lab

    Research in the Jonathan M.G. Perry Lab focuses on the connection between skull formation and diet, and how properties of food influence skull morphology over evolutionary time. We also investigate how skull features can be used to determine the diets of extinct mammals. We’re especially interested in whether changes in diet prompted changes to the skull that characterize the first primates.

    Research Areas: anatomy, biomechanics, evolution, diets, skeletal morphology

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