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  • Kathleen Sutcliffe Lab

    Researchers in the Kathleen Sutcliffe Lab study organizational adaptability, reliability and resilience. Our work examines how factors such as management teams, group dynamics, information search processes, communication and learning processes affect organizational performance. Our team also studies how an organization’s design and culture affect members’ abilities to sense, manage and respond to dynamic demands. Additionally, our work seeks to better understand the factors that promote individual and organizational resilience.

    Research Areas: organizational dynamics, medical decision making, safety

  • Sallie Weaver Lab

    Work in the Sallie Weaver Lab investigates the range of organizational factors that affect a health care team’s performance. In particular, our research focuses on leadership, organizational culture and teamwork within and between teams. Our team also explores interventions that are designed to improve quality of care and patient safety. Some of our recent research topics include team-training in health care, the relationship between CLABSI rates and patient safety, and rapid-response systems as a patient-safety strategy.

    Research Areas: patient safety, organizational dynamics, intervention, quality of care

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