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  • Michael Edidin Lab

    The Michael Edidin Lab studies membrane dynamics and organization in cells from lymphocytes to epithelial cells using biochemistry, biophysics (especially fluorescence methods), cell biology, biochemistry and immunology. We are interested in transplantation immunology, particularly in the cell biology of class I MHC molecules, and are working to understand the relationship between plasma membrane biophysics and antigen presentation by MHC molecules. We are currently studying the clustering of T cell receptors for the antigen TCR.

    Research Areas: biochemistry, cell biology, membrane biophysics, MHC molecules, antigens, T cells

    Principal Investigator

    Michael Edidin, Ph.D.



  • Urban Lab

    The Urban Lab studies rhomboid proteases--a class of enzymes that cut proteins to initiate signaling between cells as a form of communication that organizes embryo development. Current studies in the lab focus on the biophysics of how these enzymes function inside the cell membrane, where it's hard for catalysis to take place. Because rhomboid intramembrane proteolysis plays a central role in malaria infection and Parkinson's disease pathogenesis, these studies may have therapeutic implications.

    Research Areas: enzymes, cell biology, membrane biophysics, structural biology, synthetic chemistry, malaria, Parkinson's disease, rhomboid proteases

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