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  • Elizabeth Wagner Lab

    The Elizabeth Wagner Lab conducts research on several topics within the field of pulmonary medicine. Our key areas of investigation include angiogenesis of the lung and its dependence upon systemic vascularization to regions without pulmonary perfusion as well as the role of bronchial circulation in the uptake of hydrophilic particles that are delivered to the airway surface. In addition, we are conducting several specific studies that examine the relationship between the bronchial vasculature and the influx of inflammatory cells to a patientÕs airways.

    Research Areas: lung ischemia, pulmonary medicine, vascular remodeling, vascular biology, angiogenesis

    Principal Investigator

    Elizabeth Wagner, Ph.D.



  • Jeffrey Dodd-o Lab

    Research in the Jeffrey Dodd-o Lab aims to better understand the contributing factors of lung ischemia/reperfusion injuries and the role these injuries play in the lung dysfunction of patients soon after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. We have created an ischemia/reperfusion model in a spontaneously breathing mouse that they use with an in situ mouse lung preparation to identify cardiopulmonary interactions that impact reperfusion-related lung injury. We are working to characterize the influence of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) on lung microvascular permeability.

    Research Areas: lung ischemia, ischemia-reperfusion injury, cardiopulmonary diseases, atrial natriuretic peptides

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