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  • Ayse Gurses Lab

    Work in the Ayse Gurses Lab examines several topics related to human factors, including methods for improving patient safety in the cardiac operating room, care coordination, transitions of care and compliance of providers with evidence-based guidelines. Our team also has an interest in research that explores the working conditions of nurses. We collaborate on studies related to the development of geriatrics health service delivery at all levels of the health system.

    Research Areas: patient safety, human factors, informatics, care coordination, evidence-based medicine, gerontology

  • Casey Overby Lab

    Research in the Casey Overby Lab focuses on the intersection of public health genomics and biomedical informatics. We’re currently developing applications to support the translation of genomic research to clinical and population-based health care settings. We’re also working to develop knowledge-based ways to use big data — including electronic health records — to improve population health.

    Research Areas: public health, genomics, electronic health records, bioinformatics

    Principal Investigator

    Casey Taylor, Ph.D.



  • Harold Lehmann Lab

    Researchers in the Harold Lehmann Lab study evidence-based medicine. We are currently examining the informatics infrastructure of research and the secondary use of electronic health record data for research. The team is also evaluating the value of classic evidence reports versus social media versus links to community services for community health workers.

    Research Areas: electronic health records, evidence-based medicine, information technology

    Principal Investigator

    Harold Lehmann, M.D., Ph.D.