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  • Benjamin Bodnar Lab

    Principal Investigator:
    Benjamin Bodnar, M.D.

    Research in the Benjamin Bodnar Lab focuses on global health, particularly the application of q...uality-improvement techniques in resource-limited and developing health care environments. Lab work utilizes insights gained through Dr. Bodnar's past work with projects including Partners in Health, The Millennium Villages Project and the Mulago University-Yale University Collaboration in Uganda. view more

    Research Areas: global health, quality improvement
  • Clemens Lab

    Lab Website
    Principal Investigator:
    Thomas Clemens, Ph.D.
    Orthopaedic Surgery

    Research in the Clemens Lab focuses on identification of the cellular and molecular mechanisms ...that mediate bone formation and repair. Currently, we are studying the role of sensory nerves in bone and the coupling of bone cell metabolic activity to the sensory nerves' development and function.

    The skeleton is one of the most important structures in our bodies. Bones allow us to stand, walk and move from one place to another, and they serve as protectors of our vital organs. With aging, our skeleton both loses its bone mineral and the structure (micro-architecture). The fine trabecular bone is organized into plates and rods, and these structures develop cracks and discontinuity. As we age, bone is lost and its structure compromised. This degradation of our bone structure — osteoporosis — is a global health problem. Thomas Clemens, M.D. is the director of the Clemens lab. He is the Lewis Cass Spencer professor of orthopaedic surgery and the vice chair for research in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins.
    view more

    Research Areas: osteoporosis, orthopaedics, sensory nerves, osteopenia, bone disease, bone repair
  • Jeremy Greene Lab

    Lab Website

    Research in the Jeremy Greene Lab focuses on the history of disease and the ways that medical t...echnologies affect our understanding of what it means to be sick, healthy, normal or abnormal. Particular areas of interest include 20th century clinical medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, medical anthropology and global health. view more

    Research Areas: global health, clinical medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, medical anthropology, history of medicine
  • Jeremy Sugarman Lab

    Research in the Jeremy Sugarman Lab focuses on biomedical ethics—particularly, the application ...of empirical methods and evidence-based standards to the evaluation and analysis of bioethical issues. Our contributions to medical ethics and health policy include work on the ethics of informed consent, umbilical cord blood banking, stem cell research, international HIV prevention research, global health and research oversight. view more

    Research Areas: global health, medical ethics, stem cells, HIV, evidence-based medicine, bioethics
  • Sean Tackett Lab

    Principal Investigator:
    Sean Tackett, M.D., M.P.H.

    Research in the Sean Tackett Lab explores methods for assessing and improving medical education.... Our recent work has included the design of an evaluation framework for World Federation of Medical Education basic standards for medical education. We also have participated in a student-driven initiative to develop a global health education program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. view more

    Research Areas: medical education, global health
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