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  • Cohen Lab

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    Principal Investigator:
    Jeremiah Cohen, Ph.D.

    The Cohen Lab studies neural circuits underlying reward, mood and decision making. We seek to u...nderstand how neural circuits control fundamental mammalian behaviors. Many disorders, including depression, schizophrenia, drug addiction and Parkinson's disease, appear to involve dysfunction of monoaminergic signaling. Using cell-type-specific tools and well-controlled behavioral tasks in mice, we aim to understand the function of monoaminergic circuits in behavior. We hope these basic discoveries will lead to an understanding of the biology of the brain and better treatments for disorders of the brain. view more

    Research Areas: neural circuits, brain, schizophrenia, mental illness, neuroscience, Parkinson's disease
  • Lana Lee Lab

    Principal Investigator:
    Lana Lee, M.D.

    The Lana Lee Lab works to create successful patient-centered care strategies for young individu...als living with HIV. We focus in particular on decision making in HIV treatment for youth and on the availability of services for young people living with HIV in the United States and Uganda. view more

    Research Areas: patient-centered health care, medical decision making, HIV, care coordination
  • Peter Terry Lab

    Principal Investigator:
    Peter Terry, M.D.

    Work in the Peter Terry Lab deals primarily with ethical questions surrounding patientsÕ end-of...-life care and decision making. We explore topics such as family involvement in health care decision making, informed consent in clinical medicine and effectiveness of palliative support care. Our team has investigated the development and validation of a family decision-making self-efficacy scale. Our research has also included exploring the ethics around the allocation of lifesaving resources during a disaster. view more

    Research Areas: palliative care, decision making, bioethics
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