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  • Pedersen Laboratory

    The Pedersen Laboratory is interested in cell energetics and the relationship of cell energetics to molecular medicine and disease. Both mitochondrial and glycolytic processes are being studied at the tissue, cell, and molecular level. Also, the relationship of these processes to cancer and heart disease, the two major causes of death in the U.S., is being studied with the objective of discovering and developing new therapies.

    Specific projects in the laboratory that are currently under investigation include: 1) The structure, mechanism, and regulation of the mitochondrial ATP synthase/ATPase complex; 2) The molecular basis of cancer's most common phenotype, i.e., an elevated glucose metabolism; and 3) The regulation of heart function under normal and ischemic conditions as it relates to the mitochondrial ATP synthase/ATPase complex.

    Our team consists of chemists, biologists and clinicians who work together in a highly collaborative environment.

    Research Areas: heart disease, cancer, cell energetics, mitochondria, molecular biology

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    Principal Investigator

    Peter Pedersen, Ph.D.


    Biological Chemistry

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