Neurofibromatosis Research

Neurofibromatosis Research
Physician scientists dedicated to researching treatments for plexiform neurofibromas in NF1 may apply for the Francis S. Collins Scholars’ Program in Neurofibromatosis sponsored by the Neurofibromatosis Therapeutic Acceleration Program (NTAP)
NTAP exists to identify and support the development of therapeutics for plexiform neurofibromas. We are privately funded and do not solicit donations from the public.
The mission of NTAP is accelerating the development of effective therapeutics for plexiform neurofibromas through:
  • Focusing on therapeutics
    We are vigilant about advancing the most promising ideas for plexiform neurofibroma therapeutics. The pathway from the lab (where researchers are making discoveries) to the clinic (where therapies are needed) is often lengthy and convoluted. NTAP facilitates the timely translation of innovative discoveries into treatments for plexiform neurofibromas.
  • Fostering collaboration
    NTAP recognizes the need for collaborative relationships across a broad research community including the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, private foundations and academic centers to increase the pace at which promising research can be converted into patient therapies. 
Advisory boards with diverse membership ensure that NTAP complements the ongoing efforts of the greater neurofibromatosis research community.