Neuro-infectious Disease Research

Neuro-infectious Disease Research
Johns Hopkins is one of the country’s leading centers for research of cognitive impairment due to HIV infection. Our scope includes training clinical and basic science researchers, developing and providing diagnostic and consultation services, and furthering new modes of treatment.
Our international projects are particularly essential, reaching the developing world where there is a large burden of neurological infections and severely limited resources. 
Funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Gates Foundation, we have initiated research programs in India, Uganda and Columbia to determine the impact of HIV infection on neurological health in these areas.
The division’s active NIH-funded programs in Puerto Rico and Hawaii are gaining a better understanding of how HIV infection affects women and elderly populations.
Our members maintain active research programs funded largely through federal agencies to study the epidemiology and pathogenesis, and to develop newer diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in collaboration with neuroimaging, therapeutic development and public health.


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