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Understanding the Fossil History to Preserve the Present

Meet Siobhán Cooke, assistant professor of functional anatomy and evolution. A spelunking paleontologist in the caves of the Caribbean, she is out to preserve the planet by sharing her understanding of historical extinctions, one fossil at a time. Similar to her pop culture counterpart Indiana Jones, Cooke teaches by day and devotes the rest of her time to paleontological research.

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Fighting Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics

The growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has become a serious issue. Erin Goley’s laboratory is discovering the mechanisms that bacteria use to grow, divide and become resistant, in hopes of developing better antibiotic treatments.                                            

Alan Scott

Alan Scott on Next Generation Genome Sequencing

Alan Scott, is an associate professor in the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine. He recently led a team that developed a faster, less expensive method for whole genome sequencing which he plans to use to study genome evolution in rare and endangered species. 

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Johns Hopkins Co-Organizes First International Meeting on Brain Health

About 300 people attended the meeting, held July 31 through Aug. 2, which also covered basic research and translational medicine, as well as the intersection of arts and the mind. Learn more.

Genetic Clues Link Depression and Alcohol Dependence

For more than a century, researchers have been trying to understand the association between depression and alcohol dependence. Research findings point to a shared genetic susceptibility that contributes to the co-occurrence of both conditions. Read more.
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Engineering the Future of Medicine

Michael Miller, director of the Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering, details his plan for a new era of biomedical science discovery to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. 
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Probing Deep Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer’s Disease

Doctors Gwenn Smith and Constantine Lyketsos have been collaborating on a multicenter phase II study of deep brain stimulation in patients ages 45 to 85 with Alzheimer’s disease. The results are promising. Learn more.
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Mitochondrial DNA Could Predict Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death, Heart Disease

Researchers report that the level of mitochondrial DNA is a novel and distinct biomarker able to predict the risk of heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths a decade or more before they happen. 
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