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A Spirit of Scientific Adventure

Once you’ve won a Nobel Prize, people are apt to refer to you as “Nobel laureate So-and-So” — as if the prize redefines your identity. And maybe it does for some, but for Hamilton “Ham” Smith, the Nobel Prize he won at age 47 didn’t change his interactions with people, and his prize-winning discovery involving one of the first molecular “scissors” was just the first of many landscape-altering discoveries. 

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Treating Progeria in Children

Susan Michaelis and her team are studying a rare premature aging disease called progeria, which provides a unique window into the normal aging process.  

Xingde Li

Xingde Li on Non Invasive Probes to Visualize Living Cells

Xingde Li is a professor of biomedical engineering at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His lab focuses on novel endomicroscopy technologies in the hopes of someday diminishing our dependency on biopsies..

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Faulty Cellular Membrane 'Mix' Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

Working with lab-grown human brain cells, researchers have uncovered a much sought-after connection between one of the most common genetic mutations in Parkinson’s disease and the formation of fatty plaques in the brain.
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Got Science Images?

Images have the power to stir the imagination and convey the beauty and wonder of science. Follow us on Instagram at JHM.Fundamentals. Each week, we'll feature scientific images contributed by Johns Hopkins researchers. Johns Hopkins faculty and staff: Submit your research-related images to Follow us.

Long Lasting Proteins, Long Lasting Memories

Scientists have discovered proteins within synapses that outlast neighboring proteins by weeks and months. These stable proteins may be part of the molecular machinery that governs long-term memory and learning in all mammals, including humans. Read more.

Smartphone App to Track Parkinson's Symptoms

Researchers report that the severity of symptoms among Parkinson's patients seen by neurologists aligned closely with those generated by their smartphone app.

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Don’t Forget the 'Epi' in Genetics Research

Scientist Andrew Feinberg, calls for more integration between two fields of DNA-based research: genetics and epigenetics Read more.