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Discoveries for a Better Tomorrow


Strengthening Lungs before Transplants - Errol Bush, M.D.

Dr. Errol Bush and his team are developing a “lung-in-box” program to strengthen donor lungs before transplantation. Their goal is to ensure high quality of life for recipients.

Using Technology to find Organ Donors – Andrew Cameron, M.D., Ph.D.

Andrew Cameron, a liver transplant surgeon, recognizes that many people wait on the transplant list. He and his team worked with Facebook to allow people to show their friends they are registered organ donors. The initiative tremendously increased donor registration rates. Dr. Cameron’s team is now working on an app to help patients identify a living donor.

Toward Less Risky Hand Transplants - Dr. W. P. Andrew Lee

While prosthetic limbs have limitations, transplantation can allow patients to resume normal activities. Dr. Lee and his team use a single medication that prevents immune rejection from transplanted tissues to reduce the health risks that come with transplantation.

Reconstructive Transplantation – Gerald Brandacher, M.D.

Gerald Brandacher, M.D., and his team are developing strategies to minimize or avoid the need for immunosuppressive drugs.

Survival Rate After a Transplant – Giorgio Raimondi, Ph.D.

Giorgio Raimondi, Ph.D., and his lab are developing new multi-disciplinary approaches to find out why our bodies naturally recognize transplanted tissue as dangerous and try to destroy it.