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Discoveries for a Better Tomorrow

Infectious Disease

The Importance of Platelets - Kelly Metcalf Pate, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Dr. Kelly Metcalf Pete studies how platelets in the blood team together to stop bleeding and fight infection. Her team is studying whether a low platelet number impairs the body’s ability to defend itself from HIV.

Learn more about Dr. Pate's work.

Exploiting the Weakness of Mosquitoes - Christopher Potter, Ph.D.

Dr. Potter's lab understands that mosquitoes pass on a disease through a simple bite. They are working to understand how an insect’s brain interprets and responds to odors. This will allow them to find better methods to stop the spread of diseases, such as Zika virus.

Learn more about Dr. Potter's work.

Using Modern Technology to Prevent Disease Infection – Maria Trent, M.D.

Dr. Trent's lab understands how women contract pelvic inflammatory disease, which increases the risk of other STDs. They provide home-based clinical care to help young woman complete treatments for the disease and prevent any future episodes of infection.

Learn more about Dr. Trent's work.

Living a Fuller Life with HIV - Dr. Justin McArthur

Patients living with HIV often experience impairments in memory, attention, and decision making. Dr. McArthur’s team work to develop treatments that would allow those with HIV to live a full life.

Learn more about Dr. McArthur's work.

Preventing Bacterial Infections – Lloyd Miller, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Lloyd Miller and his research group study the specific immune responses that help clear MRSA skin infections as well as other dangerous infections.

Learn more about Dr. Miller's work.