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Discoveries for a Better Tomorrow: Genetics

Gene Organization - Karen L. Reddy, Ph.D.

Dr. Karen Reddy and her team study how genes are organized within the nucleus of the cell. This storage system will allow them see what goes wrong in disease.

Energy for a Longer Life - Dr. Dan Arking

Mitochondria, the powerhouses in our cells, provide us with energy to move and function. Are these powerhouses in our blood cells related to aging? Dr. Dan Arking explores the links between the number of energy-producing mitochondria in human blood cells, genetics and frailty.

Treatments for intellectual disability - Dr. Hans Bjornsson

Dr. Hans Bjornsson studies proteins bound to our DNA to find causes and potential treatments for a disease called Kabuki syndrome. His work may lead to one of the first treatments for an inborn intellectual disability.

Talking About Family Health History - Dr. Joann Bodurtha

A knowledge of family history can help improve health. Dr. Joann Bodurtha studies genetic health information and how it can benefit medicine.

When Cell Division Goes Wrong—Dr. Andrew Holland

Glitches in cell division can lead to diseases such as Down syndrome and cancer. Dr. Andrew Holland investigates errors in cell division to identify causes of human disease.

Informing Drug Development and Choice of Therapy - Andrew McCallion, Ph.D.

Genomes are instruction manuals for our bodies. Dr. McCallion's lab investigates the gene control regions responsible for disease risk and drug response.

Treating Progeria in Children – Susan Michaelis, Ph.D.

Susan Michaelis, Ph.D., and her team study a rare premature aging disease called progeria, which provides a unique window into the normal aging process.

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