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Location: In special containment area at the School of Hygiene and Public Health

Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Phone #: 955-3372; 955-9601
Contact Person: Robert J. Adams, DVM, Richard Markham, M.D.

Facility Director: Richard Markham, M.D.

Facility Function: This facility was developed for the purpose of reconstituting immunodeficient SCID mice with human immune cells, which can then be infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. Such mice can be used for studying the pathogenesis of viral infection and to evaluate the effect of immunoprophylactic and pharmacologic intervention on the course of infection. Space has also been allocated for experiments involving non-SCID mice and other biosafety level 3 pathogens, such as Hantavirus and tuberculosis.

Access Requirements: Users are charged per diem for housing animals at the standard rate for animal facilities. Use of HIV in this model system should be discussed with Dr. Markham so that appropriate arrangements can be made for investigators not experienced with the use of HIV in this setting. Mice are generally available for pilot studies, with special arrangements being made for studies requiring large numbers of mice. Space availability and what studies can be undertaken in the facility are controlled by Dr. Adams (see contact number above).