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Neuroradiology Division

brain scan

Our team of neuroradiology experts strive to provide the finest in current and future patient care through the compassionate application of cutting-edge techniques in diagnostic, functional and anatomic imaging, as well as therapeutic interventions in the fields of neuroscience and otorhinolaryngology

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To teach, develop and provide the most accurate diagnostic tests and treatments in neuroradiology.


To be a world leader in the patient-oriented practice and technological advancement of neuroradiology, image-based neuroscience and image-guided, minimally invasive therapeutics, training the leaders of the next generation.


The neuroradiology division encourages the submission of outside films for second opinion interpretation to our staff. We have noted experts in the fields of spine, brain, head and neck imaging as well as faculty members who have had additional training in neurointerventional procedures. All members of the division have certificates of added qualification in neuroradiology from the American Board of Radiology, lending greater authority to their interpretations of studies for medicolegal purposes. 

We encourage the submission of studies, including: 

  • MRI of the brain, spine, neck, face, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), orbits, head and temporal bones. 
  • CT scans of the brain, spine, neck, face, sinuses, temporal bones and head.
  • Myelograms of the cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine. 
  • Arteriograms (angiograms) of the brain, head, spine, neck, carotid vasculature, vertebral vasculature and face. 
  • PET scans of the brain, neck, face and head.
  • Nuclear medicine studies of the brain, spine, neck, face, TMJ, orbits, head and temporal bones.


Our division offers an ACGME-approved neuroradiology fellowship program for one to two years of specialized training. 

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